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Exness Web Terminal

Exness Web Terminal

The Exness Web Terminal serves as the online trading hub offered by the reputable broker Exness, specializing in forex and CFDs. It operates directly within web browsers, eliminating the need for downloading any software. 

This convenient browser-based solution grants traders full access to trading capabilities without any hassle. With its intuitive interface, the platform seamlessly combines powerful features with easy navigation, ensuring a smooth trading experience for users.

Getting Started with Exness Web Terminal

Before embarking on your trading journey with Exness, it’s crucial to establish your account and acquaint yourself with the platform. Follow these essential steps to kickstart your trading experience:

Exness Web Terminal PC
  1. Account Setup: Begin by registering for an Exness account and completing the necessary verification steps.
  2. Logging In: Access the Exness Web Terminal using your unique account credentials.
  3. Market Analysis: Evaluate market trends, news updates, and indicators to make well-informed trading choices.
  4. Asset Selection: Decide on the financial instruments you wish to trade, such as forex pairs, stocks, or commodities.
  5. Opening Positions: Choose your preferred asset, specify the trade size, and execute your trade accordingly.
  6. Risk Management: Implement risk management techniques by setting stop-loss and take-profit levels to safeguard your investments and optimize potential profits.
  7. Monitoring Positions: Keep a close eye on your active positions and stay updated on market movements to make timely decisions.
  8. Review and Adjustment: Regularly assess your trading strategy and make necessary adjustments to enhance performance and adapt to changing market conditions.

Setting Up and Customizing Your Exness Terminal

Exness’s web-based terminal offers extensive customization options to cater to each trader’s unique preferences. While the terminal is ready to use upon login, enhancing its customization can significantly boost productivity to align with your individual approach. 

  1. Sign-in and Security: Ensure secure login by using verified credentials. Enabling authentication every two days adds an extra layer of security to your account.
  2. Interface Language: Choose from thirteen supported languages, including Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, and English, for the interface. Simply select your preferred language from the drop-down menu in the top right corner.
  3. Interface Component Positioning: Optimize your workspace by arranging terminal windows and graphs across multiple monitors for multi-monitor setups. Easily move and resize elements to suit your needs.
  4. Preferences and Alignment: Save your customized workspace as a template to preserve your preferences. Sync settings between desktop and mobile apps using your Exness account for seamless access across devices.
Exness Trade PC and mobile

Executing Trades on Exness Web Terminal

Executing trades and managing orders efficiently are fundamental aspects of successful trading.

Exness Metatrade

Initiating Trade

  1. Select the financial instrument you want to trade.
  2. Choose between “Buy” or “Sell” based on your market prediction.
  3. Set your desired volume and adjust stop loss and take profit settings if needed.
  4. Confirm your selections by clicking “Open Trade” to execute your trade swiftly, reflecting real-time market conditions.

Setting Up Pending Orders

  1. For pending orders like stop loss or limit orders, specify the order type and input relevant details.
  2. Click “Place Order” to set your order. It will activate once the market reaches your specified price points, executing automatically.

Adjusting Orders

  1. To modify an existing trade or pending order, locate it in your order list.
  2. Double-click or right-click to select “Modify Order,” enabling you to edit order details such as price parameters before finalizing changes.

Closing Orders

  1. Conclude an active trade or cancel a pending order by selecting it from your list.
  2. Choose “Close Order” or “Delete Order” to take immediate action, removing the order from the active queue.
Exness Metatrade Web Terminal

Mastering these steps empowers traders to navigate the financial markets with confidence, ensuring swift execution of trades and effective management of orders.

Pros and Cons of the Exness Web Terminal

Exploring the Exness Web Terminal reveals both advantages and drawbacks that traders may encounter when utilizing this platform.

  • Intuitive interface ensures easy navigation.
  • Customization options allow personalized trading experiences.
  • Multi-language support caters to diverse users worldwide.
  • Robust authentication process bolsters account security.
  • Seamless synchronization between desktop and mobile applications.
  • Advanced trading features are somewhat limited compared to standalone platforms.
  • Occasional technical issues may interrupt trading operations.
  • Reliance on internet connection for uninterrupted access.
  • Insufficient educational resources may pose challenges for novice traders.
  • Compatibility issues with certain browsers or devices may affect accessibility.
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