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Registering Your Exness Account

Exness provides trading services worldwide, making it easy to open an account and start trading. We’ll guide you through the registration process, so you can focus on refining your strategy.

To open a new account with Exness, all you need is a valid email address and an operational phone number in your current country. Please note that Exness services are unavailable to individuals from certain regions, such as the USA.

After signing up, fully activating your account requires additional verification steps. These steps are designed to secure and personalize your trading experience. You’ll be prompted to provide details about your financial background and submit documents to confirm your identity and residency. This process ensures compliance with financial regulations and enhances the security of your account.

Creating a New Trading Account with Exness Broker

Opening a new trading account on Exness is straightforward and quick:

  • No new registration needed: Everything is managed from your Personal Area (PA).
  • Centralized management: Handle multiple trading accounts under one roof for flexibility and efficiency.
  • Easy start: Log in to your PA through the Exness homepage and go to the “My accounts” section to open a new account.

When setting up your new account, you have a range of options to customize it to your preferences:

  • Account type: Choose between a real or demo account for live trading or risk-free practice.
  • Trading platform: Select your preferred platform, either MetaTrader 4 (MT4) or MetaTrader 5 (MT5).
  • Leverage and currency: Decide on your maximum leverage and carefully choose your account currency (unchangeable later).
  • Personalization: Give your account a nickname and set a unique password.

After clicking “Create Account,” your new trading setup will be listed in the “My accounts” tab, ready for use. This streamlined approach ensures you can effortlessly expand your trading portfolio and manage various strategies from one centralized location.

Setting Up Your Exness Trading Profile

The Exness trading profile is set in a few steps for the most efficient and secure start of your trading. 

Create an Exness Account
  1. Complete the Sign-Up. Start by signing up for an account on the Exness platform. This will require filling in a few details like email, country of residence, and thereafter creating a password. Note that choosing the country affects the payment methods that will be available, so it’s better to choose the right one.
  2. Verify Your Account. Upon registration, make sure you verify your account. In both cases, Exness would have to undergo verification of identity and residence. Proof of identity is normally uploading a passport or driver’s license, and in terms of proof of residence, it is a utility bill or bank statement. This process not only secures your account but also unlocks full trading capabilities.
  3. Set Up Your Trading Account. Once your main account is verified, you can create one or more trading accounts.One is free to open either a real or demo account, choose between an MT4 or MT5 trading platform, select the preferred leverage, and, of course, the account currency, all this keeping in mind that the account currency remains set for life upon doing so.
  4. Customize Your Profile. Choose your communication preferences and set security settings up inside your Personal Area (PA). You have to enable two-factor authentication (2FA) to secure the account.
  5. Fund Your Account. The next step before you start trading is the deposit of funds into your trading account. Exness has offered several ways to deposit money, considering the country in which you reside. Also, take a look at the conditions, fees, and terms for any given method.
  6. Start Trading. With your account funded, you are set to go out there and start trading. Directly from your PA, you shall have access to and manage the trading platforms; be able to manage trades, monitor performance, or even switch strategies if need be on the fly.
  7. Trading Signals. Resources that Exness offers to a trader to learn and develop skills in trading. They can help you improve your trading strategy and understand the market. Regular Review and Adjustment: One should revisit your trading performance periodically and adjust strategies, leverage, and settings on risk management, depending on what best suits your trading goals and changes in the market.

Keeping Your Exness Account Details Up-to-Date

Updating your profile details such as your name, address, phone number, and email in your financial accounts is essential for maintaining accurate and secure records. 

Change of Name

Change the name?

You will be required to fill a form with the company or service you are transacting with. Doing so would most probably require something as official as a marriage certificate or court document. This is all in respect to reflecting your new name on your account.

Moving Your Address Around

Got a new place? 

Don’t forget to update your address with any service or company you’re registered with. This typically means you would have to either log into your account on their website and press the edit button on your profile, or you might need to give them a quick call or shoot them an email. It’s key for making sure all your mail and important info finds you. 

To Update the Phone Number

Changed a phone number?

The update to your contact phone number is usually affected the same way as one would update the contact details and the address, which is through an online account or contacting customer service. That way, it will be possible to recover and verify your account using the latest phone number. 

Change of Email Address

Need to file a new email? 

Just like with the phone number and address, this could often be done via the account settings online or through contacting support for email change. It’s important for staying in the loop with notifications and account security alerts.

Choosing the Right Exness Account Type

Picking the right type of trading account is key to doing well in trading. There are different kinds for different kinds of traders, from newbies to the pros.

Demo Accounts

Perfect for beginners or anyone wanting to try out strategies without risking real money. These accounts use fake money but mimic real market conditions, so you can get a sense of trading and the platform without any stress.This account is suitable for traders who prefer to trade in standard lots. It provides access to all trading instruments, including Forex, commodities, and indices. With competitive spreads and no commission on trades, the Standard Account offers a cost-effective solution for beginners to start their trading journey.

Standard Accounts

Great for most traders, offering a good mix of easy-to-meet deposit amounts and fair costs. If you’re aiming to trade in usual market conditions, this is your go-to.

ECN Accounts

The best pick for seasoned traders who want straight access to the market with lower costs. While you might need more money to start, you get to trade directly with the global market, which can mean better prices and quicker trades.

Islamic Accounts

Created for traders needing to stick to Islamic Sharia law. There’s no overnight interest charges with these, making them a good choice for Muslim traders.

Professional Accounts

For the experts who have a lot of trading under their belts and meet certain conditions. These accounts offer more leverage and advanced tools for trading.

Making First Deposit to Your Exness Account

Before you start trading, you need to put money into your trading account. 

  • Bank Transfer. Safe and well-known, banks give you a secure way to send larger amounts of money.
  • Credit/Debit Card. Quick and easy, using your card lets you access your money right away.
  • Online Payment System. Digital wallets like Skrill and Neteller are speedy and secure for moving your money.

Each way to deposit has its steps. Just follow the instructions on your screen and give the needed details, like your bank account number or cryptocurrency wallet address. The first deposit with Exness is really an easy procedure. Thus, you can deposit and start trading very easily:

Making First Deposit in Exness
  1. Log into your Personal Area (PA): Access your account by logging into the Exness homepage.
  2. Choose the ‘Deposit’ section: Find and click on the ‘Deposit’ tab within your PA.
  3. Choose the method to deposit funds: Exness has a variety of methods for payment, including bank transfers, credit/debit cards, and electronic wallets. Choose the most convenient for you.
  4. Enter the deposit amount: Decide how much you want to deposit and enter the amount.
  5. Confirm your transaction: Follow prompts to confirm your deposit. Some methods could have more confirmation steps.

Your first deposit is far beyond adding some amount of money to the account. This is a moment of making the first step towards possibly profitable trading experience. Exness helps get started by all possible means and offers a range of convenient methods for depositing funds.

Troubleshooting with Exness Registration

If you are experiencing the following problems when registering, verifying the profile, and logging into the account, then these will be among the first stopovers in the troubleshooting process.

  • Difficulty of Registration. Make sure you enter a valid and unique email and phone number of the country selected. Most common challenges are either the email has been used before or the email address is keyed in wrongly. If the email has already been linked to an account, then either recover the password or use a different email for registration.
  • Password Setup. If setting up the password seems straightforward but encounters issues, ensure it is 8 to 15 characters long with a mix of uppercase, lowercase letters, and numbers, optionally including special symbols. The system’s color-coded feedback should turn green once all criteria are met.
  • Uploading Verification Documents. After filling in your Economic Profile, proceed to upload your Proof of Identity (POI) and Proof of Residence (POR). If documents are already uploaded for review, wait until this process is complete before attempting another upload. Ensure your files are under 64 MB for successful uploading.
  • Login Troubles. When logging in, use the email registered as your username and the correct password, paying attention to avoid typos and case sensitivity. If you’ve forgotten your password, utilize the reset feature. If issues persist, clearing your browser’s cache or trying a different browser may help. If your account was previously closed, a new email is needed to register again.
Troubleshooting with Exness Registration
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